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The Two Stone Tablets

HaShem (the Name) Into the World Artworks is pleased to offer the first ever re-creation of the two tablets of stone [granite]. According to Scripture, the Two Stone Tablets were engraved by the finger of Elohim and carried off Mount Sinai by Moshe (Moses), then put in the Ark YHWH had commanded to be made to house the tablets. On the tablets, written in Paleo-Hebrew, were the ten commandments YHWH gave to Moshe for all the children of Isra’El.

These re-created replicas of the two tablets of stone are as close as possible to what is known from multiple sources about the stone tablets themselves and what was written on them 3,500 years ago by, according to Scripture, the very finger of YHWH Elohim.

Anyone who does even cursory research can verify the authenticity of the kind of granite stone of which the actual Mount Sinai (located in Midian—present-day Saudi Arabia as Jabal al-Lawz, or the Mountain of Moses) is formed. The type of writing (Paleo-Hebrew of Phoenician origin) is likewise authentic.

The faithfully re-created Two Stone Tablets have been crafted to the descriptions given in the oldest extant Hebrew Scriptural texts. According to Jewish tradition, the letters on the Two Stone Tablets were fully bored through the granite, revealing on each side of the tablet the full text of the Ten Words—and not their mirror-image as would be expected. While this miraculous creation is not recorded in Scripture, it isn’t inconsistent with Scripture.

It is recorded in the Torah (the “Old Testament”) in Exodus (Sh’mot) 32v15-16, that,

…the two tablets of the testimony in his hand, tablets written on their two sides, on this and on that they were written. And the tablets were the work of Elohim, and the writing was the writing of Elohim; it was engraved on the tablets.

Since there are no other known places on the earth where His Name as He gave it has been remembered in this manner, perhaps then the most important consideration for acquiring these Two Stone Tablets of the Testimony is the further testimony given by YHWH as recorded in Exodus (Sh’Mot) 20v24: “In every place where I cause My Name to be remembered I will come to you and I will bless you.”

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A.E. Tracy Potts, President and Executive Director

HaShem (The Name) Into the World Artworks, Inc.