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The Two Stone Tablets

tabletsThe re-created Two Stone Tablets project exists because we are of the firm conviction that the Elohim (God) of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob has called us to re-create the western world’s first authentic replica of the Two Stone Tablets since the time they were carried off Mt. Sinai by Moses (Moshe) some 3500 years ago.

The re-created tablets are rough-hewn because the ones carried off Mt. Sinai were cut from out of the side of the mountain by Moses (Moshe) himself, just as were the ones written on by the finger of YHWH. What is written on them is true to the established Scripture of Judaism and Christianity, and they are written in the original Phoenician Paleo-Hebrew—the language we believe that HE used to write them. Their color is virtually identical to the color of the granite that forms the mountain chain in Saudi Arabia where Jabal al-Lawz is located– and which we believe is the actual location of Mt. Sinai.

The Two Stone Tablets of the Covenant (or Testimony) are displayed on a specially designed table. There are two “lazy-susans” inlaid beneath the table top discs, allowing the Tablets to turn freely front-to-back.

The most important consideration for acquiring these Two Stone Tablets of the Testimony is the further testimony given by YHWH as recorded in Exodus (Sh’Mot) 20v24, “In every place where I cause My Name to be remembered I will come to you and I will bless you.”

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